How do we ensure Moocah is not only Magical but safe?

How do we ensure Moocah is not only Magical but safe?

This type of product can normally knock your socks off with delightful visuals but how do we make sure it’s also safe? 

We at Moocah have spent as much time researching new and exciting compounds in mushrooms as we have on perfecting the process by which we make our products. Each of our manufacturing facilities whether it be where we make the most delicious chocolate bars in the galaxy or the strongest gummies in the universe are both cGMP audited. These facilities do not just simply have a chef and a mixer for this process but the guiding hand of  PhDs who are there to guarantee that the chemistry, the quality and of course the overall process remain consistent with the high quality our customers have come to expect time and time again.  

What the heck is cGMP? It stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practices and to be able to say that with pride requires our facilities to be audited by the Food and Drug Administration every year, which ensures we have kept up to the highest possible standards! We at Moocah take pride in not only how strong and potent our products are but also the fact that we take the greatest care in making sure that all of our products are as safe to eat as something from your kitchen. 

Independent Third Party - Certificate of Analysis (COA) 

What is a COA??? A certificate of analysis is an essential document in chemical distribution that outlines all the tests performed on a product before it is shipped to a customer. In regular terms, it simply means we send our products to an independent team of chemists and lab technicians who specialize in mushroom testing and research. They look at the chemical makeup of the products we submit to ensure that the legality, potency, and safety of these items meet the Moocah standards. 

That’s not all our third-party lab does for us! 

Most of the mushroom brands in the US currently will only offer lab results to show you the legality of their product. We at Moocah think that there is more to that conversation or at least there should be! So for all of our products, we also provide lab results that show you there are no heavy metals, residual solvents, or pesticides in the product that you are about to eat! We set out to make a vegan and gluten-free edible line that we can be proud to hand out to almost anyone and enjoy safely. 

We Must Be Crazy! 

We try to make every single gummy, chocolate, and vape perfectly identical to all the others. When you have to make millions of each one it can feel overwhelming. So we hired an entire team just to make sure of this very thing. Our Quality Assurance team reviews every single round of products and the process that creates them to ensure they meet our high standards. The final test our products must face is the same as so many other high-end products, it's hand-packed! There are no monstrous machines that blindly fill any bags you place in front of it. At both our chocolate and gummy production facilities the final product is placed in the packaging for each customer by hand. This is one of the key pieces to our quality puzzle. Our employees understand what our customers expect and will automatically remove any product that does not fit our exact ideal for color, shape, or size and remove them. 

About Moocah 

We believe that most people want to find out what the excitement about mushrooms is all about,  but who to get them from and how to know if they're reputable? Moocah is here to be not only the place where you can find 100% Legal and Potent Mushroom Products, but also where you will be able to find information and get an education about mushrooms. If you find yourself reading this, it surely means you’ve been curious for at least a little while about what that experience is actually like? We would be honored to help you answer that question the right way.

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